Highland & Lexington out of expedited area!

March 9, 2016 – On Wednesday, the Maine Land Use Planning Commission removed Highland Plantation and Lexington Township from the state’s notorious expedited permitting area.

The passage of LD 828 last June (now Public Law 2015, Chapter 265) gave Unorganized Territory communities the opportunity to petition the LUPC for removal from the special wind permitting […]

Our Projects

Friends of the Highland Mountains is presently engaged in several projects related to the preservation of the rural character and values of our area communities.

West Range Wind (aka Fletcher Mountain Wind)

Highland Wind

Western Maine Community Guided Planning and Zoning Initiative

Maine Public Utilities Commission Cases 2014-00364 and 2015-00049 (Docket numbers 2014-00364 and 2015-00049 […]

Maine Wind Assessment 2012, A Report

Maine Wind Assessment 2012, A Report

In early 2012, independent consultants submitted to the Office of Energy Independence and Security (OEIS; now the Governor’s Energy Office), Maine Wind Assessment 2012, A Report. The study and report were mandated by the 125th Legislature in response to a number of citizen-originated bills that sought […]

More Maine Towns Reject State Wind Siting Laws

In a rejection of the 2008 Maine Wind Energy Act, numerous Maine town have enacted local ordinances to control industrial scale wind development. Many of the ordinances are so restrictive as to essentially prevent wind development in those communities. Most ordinances have been passed with overwhelming support, some with unanimous votes.

Unfortunately, for residents of […]